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Anthony Andrews
I was passionate to find a drug-free solution to stop the cripling pain of arthritis, a disease which destroys the quality of life for so many people.

45 years of experience enabled me to delevop "The Original Copper Heeler"®.

Thousands of customers Worldwide are now living their lives pain free.

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(Relief from the pain of Arthritis)
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C Goldman - Chiropodist
I was approached by the company to carry out some trials using their Copper Heeler (copper orthotic) on several of my patients.

Knowing it to be a drug-free product and having heard, over the years, about the pain relieving qualities of copper I had no hesitation in agreeing to do this. To my amazement after 2-3 weeks the reports were astonishing. Unbelievable results: pain relief, feeling years younger, finding climbing stairs no longer a problem, walking becoming a joy again and playing with grandchildren fun.

As far as I'm concerned I would definitely recommend the Copper Heeler to anybody who suffers with arthritis and general joint pain.

Charles Goldman M.Inst.Ch.P D.Ch.M

Dr K J Henderson - Rheumatology Researcher
I am writing to let you know how I am getting on with the Copper Heeler insoles you provided. Having worked in rheumatology research for several years, and suffering from joint pain myself, I have a keen interest in the ways in which copper is said to have a beneficial effect on pain due to inflammatory joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis.

According to, copper is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that may be more potent than aspirin. It is said to reduce morning stiffness and help joint mobility, sometimes reducing the need for other drugs. I have been wearing a copper bracelet for my own joint pain since early 1997 and while it seemed to provide some relief from joint pain, I found that it was somewhat inconvenient to wear continually for a variety of reasons. As a result I was very interested in trying your Copper Heeler insoles, and I have been very pleased with the results so far. Your Copper Heelers have allowed me to continue with the ‘copper therapy’ I was obtaining previously, but without any of the problems associated with wearing a copper bracelet.

I can’t believe how comfortable they are to wear, and they are so thin that they fit easily into even my tightest shoes. Many thanks for introducing me to the Copper Heeler. I have already recommended it to several friends, so you may be hearing from them in the near future.
Best regards
Dr K.J.H., London

B Andrews - Osteopath
I have recommended your Copper Heeler, to many many of my patients. They have all been overjoyed with the results, noticing a vast improvement in both their arthritis and general joint pain. My own Father now wears a pair and he wishes that he had known about them years ago.

Miss B.J. Andrews, London
BSc(Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND.

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