Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Does the copper have to touch the skin?
A:No, socks or stockings can be worn.
Q:Is it safe to wear Copper Heelers if I am wearing a pacemaker?
A:Yes, Copper Heelers are safe to use if you are wearing a pacemaker.
Q:I already wear orthotics in my shoes, can I wear Copper Heelers with these orthotics?
A:Yes, you can wear Copper Heelers with existing orthotics, you just need to give them a slight twist to make them fit.
Q:Should I wear The Original Copper Heeler every day?
A:Maximum pain relief will be achieved when they are worn continuously.
Q:When will I feel the benefits of wearing The Original Copper Heeler?
A:We are all different, therefore the benefits of wearing copper can start within days for some people, while others report relief after 2-3 weeks. To be cautious, we advise a minimum of 3 weeks. Many people say that they are totally free of pain after 3 months.
Q:How will The Original Copper Heeler take the Arthritis/joint pain away from my knees, elbows, shoulders etc., when I wear them in my shoes ?
A:It makes no difference which part of the body the copper comes into contact with as the copper will be absorbed in to your system and circulated through the body to relieve pain.
Q:Does the copper leave a green residue on my skin ?
A:Its a good sign if it does and this indicates that the copper is being slowly dissolved by the components in the body’s perspiration and absorbed successfully. It can easily be washed off with warm soapy water.
Q:If I wear socks or stockings will this stop the copper working ?
A:Wearing socks or stockings will NOT prevent the beneficial qualities of the copper being absorbed into the body, in fact the perspiration from the feet will assist the absorption of the copper.
Q:Can the body have too much copper ?
A:It is nearly impossible to ingest too much copper. When the body has enough, the rest will be excreted.
Q:Can I wear them in my slippers ?
A:Yes, they can be worn in any footwear, including trainers, golf shoes etc.
Q:How do I clean my copper heeler?
A:Add a small amount of water to a tea spoon of cooking salt and mix to a mulch. Clean the copper heeler with the wet salt using a damp cloth in circular motions. Then use a dry cloth to polish the copper.

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