"The Original Copper Heeler®"

The Original Copper Heeler®
took 18 months to develop. The design is so important. It has to be ultra thin, moulded to the shape of the foot, and light-weight for maximum comfort. Initial trials proved tremendously successful in providing relief from Arthritis and joint pain and the company experienced incredible results and testimonials.
Worldwide, more than 9 million people are using heelers to relieve their pain.

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The MIRACLE Copper Insole


It is now possible to completely eliminate the pain of arthritis or relieve it to a bare minimum using a drug-free cure. From all corners of the world, the Original Copper Heeler® is having remarkable success and is changing the way arthritis is treated. There are no side effects as you might experience from drugs - just a natural cure that works.

For some people the effects of copper heelers are almost immediate but to err on the safe side, you should allow 2 - 3 weeks for the effects to be truly tangible. Read through the Testimonials the company has received from arthritis sufferers and one thing is very clear - this drug-free cure for arthritis works and for many people it changes their lives forever.

Designed and developed by top orthopaedic technicians - read what the experts say about The Original Copper Heeler®
  1. Ultra-thin - fits in any shoe
  2. Lightweight - you won't know it's there
  3. Moulded to the shape of the foot for ultimate comfort
The Original Copper Heeler® is achieving a 97% success rate.

Jean Davies - newspaper article

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